GDIPlusXDemo (1.2 Third Release)

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Released: May 10, 2011
Updated: Jun 3, 2012 by TheToid
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Release Notes

Version 1.2 (Third Release)

- Fixed a bug when using the ColorCurveEffect in legacy mode with only a single R, G, or B channel which would cause a crash (due to null color mapping values).

Version 1.1 (Second Releaese)

Things added:
- All effects now have support for fully multi-threaded Legacy mode, this is enabled by default if GDI+ 1.1 cannot be located, number of threads defaults to CPU cores.
- Number of threads can be customised by setting GDIPlusX.GDIPlus11.Effects.Effect.LegacyThreads, 0 = no threading.
- A warning is shown if you load the demo without GDI+ 1.1 available.
- Entire Library can be compiled with or without a conditional define called "Unsafe", compile without this define to build the library in a safe context (also uncheck the unsafe box in the project - this will run slower however).
- Demo now has ability to show Lookup Tables for effects that support the LUTs
- Demo now runs in Windows XP as well

- The Blur and Sharpen effects will run a lot slower in Legacy mode with the higher radii (> 64) - The GDI+ 1.1 functions use either Direct3D or DirectCompute to do their effects.
- Levels and ColorCurves does not match the GDI+ 1.1 equivalents exactly, there is a difference, especially with amounts towards the center of limits. I could not replicate the curves properly, if you know how, please do let me know.
- Redeye dosnt quite match but is close, also the legacy red eye is not as sophisticated, but it seems to work pretty well.
- Detailed testing has not been performed on all aspects of all Effects, this is why I have chosen to keep it in beta.

To Do
- I have decided not to do the CachedBitmap, this is because .NET has basically implemented it with the BufferedGraphics and BufferedGraphicsContext classes.
- DrawDriverString will probably not be implemented due to the implementation in .NET using the TextRenderer class.

As always, let me know if you find any bugs, im sure there will be some, and if you think of enhancements let me know too.

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