NativeImage vs HBitmap

first post: Apex75 wrote: Hi, I also have a different question, maybe you can help. The r...

latest post: Apex75 wrote: Aha, so it's just the GDi/GDI+ difference, this would explain why ...

BlurEffect on Windows 8 only blurs horizontally when radius < 20

first post: Apex75 wrote: Hi, I had a look at your project, as I was curious how fast GDI+ ...

latest post: Apex75 wrote: I haven't been able to find anything either, I did notice that when...

How to apply or draw an effect

first post: thetoid wrote: Heres how to apply or draw a simple effect: using GDIPlusX; using ...

Bugs and Comments

first post: thetoid wrote: Please post your bugs, comments and improvements here.Thankyou,TheToid

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